Reiki (pronounced Ree-Ki) is an energy based technique, a form of laying on of hands (hand healing) originating in the Far East.

The term Reiki is a composition of the words „rei“ (Cosmos/Universe) and „ki“ (life energy).

Reiki is similar to the term „heavenly energy“, which is known in India as Prana and in China as Qi.

What does Reiki do?

Reiki helps the harmonizing and self healing of the whole body - both physically and mentally. The effect of Reiki varies from individual to individual.


The „healing“ of the way one thinks is the most important purpose of Reiki. If one changes their life and rethinks their views regarding certain aspects of their life many illnesses can be „nipped in the bud“.


One can also in the same way protect oneself from the outbreak of certain illnesses (e.g. illnesses caused by stress such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, bilious attack, etc.)


While the effects of Reiki can be proven, the actual process cannot and thus one cannot describe exactly how Reiki works.


During the practice of Reiki a connection is established by the practitioner (person practicing Reiki - in this case, me) between universal energy and the one receiving (you).


The practitioner serves as the medium for the one receiving, they do not „give“ the other Reiki.

The therapeutic work with energy functions either through a direct laying of hands with the help of symbolic mental effort or with the recitation of mantras. For the one receiving the connection Reiki flows on its own to where it is needed. It helps one experience a deep relaxation and helps strengthen the body’s own self healing abilities to more quickly overcome illnesses.


In Germany it is unfortunately still prohibited to use the term „treatment“ in regards to practicing Reiki, since Reiki is still not a recognized treatment. Only doctors and healing practitioners may apply Reiki during their treatments and this only under the term „treatment“. Please note this when the term „treatment“ is used.


Even the term „healing“ is not entirely correct. Healing, as it is defined in conventional medicine, does not take place with Reiki.


The universal energy simulates the body to heal itself, in doing so it brings body, soul and spirit into harmony. An integrated, complete harmonizing takes place, while conventional medicine only a symptom based treatment is carried out.

My Methods

Combinations of Reiki elements as well as Sound Massages can be fundamental parts of my integrated massages.


I have attained the 3rd degree (Master level) and work already for many years in the field of energy.


Reiki is only one of many possible ways of helping you rediscover your center, getting your energy flow.

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