What is a Sound Massage and what does it do?

The origin of the Sound Massage lies in the whole of the Himalaya region, where it has been practiced for over 5000 years for meditation, self-discovery, self healing and Initiations.


Through the sounds of a sound bowl attention is directed to the harmonial vibrations, that relate to the body’s own natural harmony seeking on all levels.


The sounds of the sound bowl function not only through the sense of hearing. The vibrations penetrate the skin deep into our inner body.


A delicate inner massage of the cells takes place in our body.

The original harmony is restored, self-healing powers are

stimulated an strengthened.


through soothing vibrations the body’s cells are brought into line.

a deep relaxation is created.

the purifying and regulating effect of the sounds strengthens, energizes and revitalizes.

more clarity and deeper self-awareness is established.

joy of living is nurtured.

My Sound Massages - as opposed to standardized Sound Massages - are devised and carried out especially suited to your personal needs.

I welcome you on a trip into your inner being!

Please note that:

The purpose of a sound massage is not to replace a medical or psychiatric treatment.

Sound massages have a strong preventative aspect that maintains health.

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