I conduct Medical foot care with a preliminary foot bath and a wet smoothing technique. The treatment concludes with an obligatory foot massage for relaxation.

Treatment of ingrown toenails with 3TO clasp technique

The focus of my Medical foot care is the placement of the 3TO clasp technique, which spares clients with ingrown toenails in most cases from a surgical operation.

A 3TO clasp can also be used to treat an infection of the surrounding tissue and thus support natural nail growth.

This treatment is used exclusively by specially trained 3TO Therapists (Medical foot care specialists, podiatrists and doctors).


In most cases of ingrown or in-turned nails a clasp can be placed after the examination and individual diagnosis of the nail problem.

Neither during leisure nor at work is the patient limited by the clasp during these weeks. This ensures a high level of wearing comfort.


The treatment procedure is designed for all age groups and can be used for patients with nickel allergy as well as for diabetics.

With the 3TO clasp technique light as well as more serious cases of ingrown and in-turned toenails can be simply and gently treated.


The individually fitted 3TO clasp is gently placed under the sides of the nail and then activated by a string.


Through the elevation of the string both sides of the nail are slight elevated and pressure on the surrounding tissue is relieved.


The natural growth of the toenail is supported and the nail is restored to its natural shape.


The placement of the 3TO clasp is hardly felt by the patient and leads to a quick relief and long term improvement.


Depending on the case the clasp remains for several weeks or month on the nail and grow with.


The 3TO clasp Regular replacement and reactivation of the clasp is necessary within every 4-8 weeks depending on the individual.

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