Who knows the goal can decide.

Who decides finds inner peace. Who finds inner peace is satisfied.

Who is satisfied can reflect. Who can reflect improves.



Are you looking for a natural and effective way to simplify your life and change it for the better?

Did you know

that the manner and intensity in which we feel, think and act is mostly formed deep in our subconscious through our earliest childhood experiences, the thought and feeling patterns of our parents and ancestors and even our memories from an earlier life?


Due to this we often feel unsure and uneasy because our subconscious is convinced of something other than our rational thinking.


Today there are simple and effective methods available that are able to treat the causes of your fears, depression, crises, doubt, sadness as well as your physical ailments and outwardly manifested symptoms in a gentle and natural manner.

Certain developments and processes often need their own time since people go about their situations in an individual manner.

Thus it is also understandable that often times defense mechanisms are built up which we ourselves do not always see.



With help developed to specifically address your own personal situation and the consulting’s goal of specifically agreed energy related realization techniques

the origins and causes for disruption in your life will be made visible.

The happiness is not to achieve his goal

             but to be on the way.

Buddhist Wisdom


My consulting sessions and treatment are based on well grounded and pioneering self-awareness and transforming methods (e.g. Quantan techniques, Aura view).

The results can be a self monitoring process on a physical, mental and spiritual level that can create a lasting, improved personal quality of life.

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