My philosophy is that we are all „connected“ with one another. The basis for my views is that we on earth and even in the universe are surrounded by energy fields, which bind together all matter and all consciousness. (Morphoenergetic field)


I am convinced, that we can change the world in a positive fashion by the sending out our positive energy. With my work I want to make a contribution that represents a mindful and respectful coexistence of all living beings.  My  holistic massage can help provide for this balance amongst other factors.

Only those who are balanced can contribute to a peaceful world.

My career

With my background as an accountant and banker and several years of professional experience in various companies as an employee and as self-employed I know the „business-world“ very well. Due to life-related personal events I found my calling in helping people to find their own way.


My first steps in this direction was a training program at the TouchLife School for Holistic Massage.  With the final medical examination in 2000 I became a massage practitioner. I completed various courses that supplemented my work experience and also led me to develop my individual and unique form of massage.

• Coaching-Experience with systemic constellation work
   after B. Hellinger

• additional Training-courses at the TouchLife School for
   Holistic Massage

• Training for medical practitioners (without state

• Gemstone-Massage

• Sound Massage

• additional Training-courses at the TouchLife School for
   Holistic Massage at Work

• medical pedicure and manicure with medical examination

• 3TO-special clasp technique training course, certification
   for correction of toenails

• Holistic Massages for the English health-organization of
   “Healing Hands Network” in Sarajevo in the years 2005
   and 2006, where traumatized people from the Bosnien-
   War were “touched” respectively treated by me.

• Completed the 3rd Usui-Reiki Grade

• Aura vision

• Quantum physics

• self-employed in own treatment rooms since 2006

You are in good hands with me!

What distinguishes my work

Attentiveness, mutual Respect, Openness, Empathy, Humor, Pragmatism, Unconventionality,

Goal orientation, Professionalism.

Mühlweg 1c
65529 Waldems-Wüstems

Dates by arrangement

Monday through Friday  9:00 - 20:00

Saturday  9:00 - 14:00

Telefon: 06082 - 92 98 047